RetailBox 6 Developer Release Notes


The RetailBox 6 Public Beta introduces hundreds of new features, including beautiful new design built on the foundations of simplicity and utility. The RetailBox 6 Public Beta can be installed on devices with iOS 14 and later, or iPadOS 14 and later.


Resolved in Public Beta 3

  • When devices are not connected to the Internet, the app wouldn’t disable features that required access to the Internet. (260)

  • The Download button in Quick Previews could become inactive. (254)

Core Playback  

Resolved in Public Beta 3

  • DeviceCheck consistently manages device state and asserts app integrity. (252)

  • Streaming video could be slow to respond or become inactive during active playback. (256)

  • HDR video playback support for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone Xʀ, iPhone 11, and iPhone SE (2nd generation) (261)