How to go back to RetailBox 5 from RetailBox 6 Beta


What you won't carry over to RetailBox 5:

  • Unlimited data playback

  • Screen savers added to your Library

  • Screen savers downloaded to your device

  • Settings

  • Profile

  • Some new content may only be available on RetailBox 6

Make sure you're aware of what you'll lose before going back to RetailBox 5. Your library and downloaded screen savers are not backwards compatible - and any changed Settings won't be carried over as you're downloading RetailBox 5 as new.

1. Delete RetailBox 6 Beta from your home screen.

When prompted about data loss, choose to continue.

2. Open TestFlight > RetailBox  > Stop Testing

When prompted, choose Stop Testing.

3. Open the App Store app

​4. Download RetailBox 5

How to go back to RetailBox 5

1. Open RetailBox 5

2. Tap the Settings tab

3. Tap the Preview button

​4. Join the Beta Programme

How to rejoin beta 2

Updated November 30