Manage app notifications in RetailBox 5

Control Notifications

Notifications in RetailBox allow you to keep up-to-date with new features, announcements and promotions. 

To enable or disable all notifications:

  1. Open the Settings app

  2. Tap Notifications > RetailBox

  3. Turn on/off Allow Notifications

To change what type of notifications you get:

  1. In RetailBox, tap Settings

  2. Tap Notifications

  3. Choose from New Features, New Releases, and Promotions

Each category sends:

  • New Features. For new app features, updates, and releases.

  • New Releases. For new content releases, and notifications on trending content.

  • Promotions. Notifications for increased data limit promotions, free content, and more.

With RetailBox 5.5 and later, you can choose to enable In-App Notifications as updates. These are full-screen notifications which will appear the next time you open RetailBox once new notifications are available.

To enable or disable Announcements:

  1. Open the Settings tap

  2. Tap Notifications

  3. Turn on/off Show Updates

You can use In-App Notifications alongside or independently of push notifications. In-App Notifications do not show the same notifications as push notifications and do not alert you until you open RetailBox again.

Updated November 24