Play content in 4K HDR

Formats supported in RetailBox

RetailBox supports a wide range of formats depending on the content. 4K and HDR playback require RetailBox 5 and later, whilst 4K High Frame Rate content requires RetailBox 5.9 and later.

Format labels display in Featured for screen savers which support 4K HDR and 4K HFR. You can also enable Download Indicators in Settings > Data Usage to quickly determine if screen savers have been downloaded, indicated by a tick in the bottom right corner of screen saver tiles.​

4K HDR displays content at a higher quality. Expect higher contrast, more accurate colors, and deeper blacks.

  • Requires iPhone X and later




High Dynamic Range (HDR) delivers brighter, more realistic colours and luminance with greater detail. Most videos which support HDR also support 4K and are best enjoyed on iPhone X and later with the Super Retina display.

Devices that support HDR playback:


  • iPhone X, iPhone Xs, and iPhone 11 Pro

  • iPad Pro (11-inch) (all models)

  • iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (3rd generation) and later

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