Aerial Animals special collection debuts on RetailBox later this year

Premiering later this year featuring gorgeous cinematography from the world's most iconic animals.

Auckland, New Zealand — September 25, 2020 — RetailBox today announced that beginning later this year, customers around the world can begin watching the special edition new Aerial Animals collection exclusively on the RetailBox app, which brings together a diverse selection of over 140+ screen savers from the world's most beautiful locations. The new Aerial Animals collection features gorgeous cinematography from the most iconic wild animals across Africa and more.

The new screen savers will be available across iPhone and iPad in landscape later this year and will support 4K HDR, boasting four times as many pixels as HD, resulting in sharper, crisper images. And, HDR delivers colours that are brighter, richer, and truer to life. Customers can experience 4K on iPhone X and later and HDR on the iPhone X and later and iPad Pro.

The new Aerial Animals collection is the third special edition themed release this year, succeeding Ink in January, and the Pride-themed releases in June. Customers can watch the new content on the second content row in the Featured tab with the latest versions of RetailBox on the App Store.

RetailBox features many other popular screen savers, including "Pastel" from the August collection, "Magma" from the June collection, "Margin" and "Lush" from the April collection, and "Fluidity", "Pastel" and "Tone" from the acclaimed January collection.

One year after the app's release on the App Store, RetailBox has been adding new content every week, and now boasts 147 screen savers and counting, and features a dedicated Featured tab where our editors pick the best content to highlight every week. Customers can also contribute to featured content by using content suggestions, available with RetailBox 5.2 and later.


  • The new collection premiers on the RetailBox app later this year

  • Release dates and the collection titles will be shared ahead of the release

  • 4K HDR requires iPhone X and later (excluding iPhone 11 and iPhone XR) and is not compatible on iPad, iPod touch or earlier versions of iPhone

  • HDR is available on iPhone X and later (excluding iPhone XR and iPhone 11) and support for iPhone 8 and iPhone SE will be included in a future software release coming next year

  • RetailBox is available on the App Store for USD $1.99, once the collection becomes available, users can opt-in to receive an in-app or push notification.

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