Celebrating #Pride2020 on RetailBox

RetailBox Celebrates Efforts to Recognize Diverse LGBTQ+ Community as June Comes to an End.

RetailBox Pride Home Screen Icon on the Home screen
The new RetailBox Pride (2020) Home Screen Icon is available with RetailBox 5.4 and later.

This year, we've seen people across the world step up like never before, raising their voices and organizing around the initiatives and causes which matter most to them. Software Network has had a longstanding commitment to using its platform to express and support communities, and the LGBTQ+ community will always be a focus.

Every June marks Pride Month, which commemorates the Stonewall Riots, which occurred at the end of June 1969. Pride Month is now a month which celebrates the self-identity, courage and passion of the LGBTQ community, which incorporates lesbian, gay, transgender, queer, among others in a community which strives for equality.

With RetailBox 5.4, released May 19, we introduced a beautifully designed new Pride (2020) Home Screen Icon, inspired by the threads of the rainbow flag. In addition to the new icon, we updated our social media branding to include rainbow colouring.

Users can watch the special-edition Pride (2020) Home Screen Icon as part of the June collection.

For 2020, we decided to go all the way and add a new Pride (2020) screen saver, as part of the June collection. This screen saver was immediately recognized by customers to be a favorite, and as a result of the unexpected surge of customer satisfaction and feedback, the screen saver will remain available for download with no time limit, just like any other screen saver. The Pride (2020) screen saver recorded the highest number of suggestions and plays, topping the June collection.

RetailBox is committed to fostering a safe, kind and inclusive community around the world, and this year marks our biggest commitment yet. We are excited about the future, and the breakthroughs we will make in working with prominent LBTQ+ nonprofits.

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