COVID-19 Announcement

The current spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus has caused and continues to cause hardship and pain for families and communities across the world. We are all changing and reacting in our unique ways, as work from home becomes the new normal, and social distancing is practised.

Since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic in March, we have been looking for ways to educate, provide support, and give back wherever we can. We would like to thank the frontline workers, especially nurses for their selfless efforts during challenging times. We are all fighting a common goal, and the support of NHS frontline workers in the United Kingdom is an example of unity which will prevail against this invisible force.

Software Network are providing support to communities during this pandemic.

  • We will be donating to the World Health Organization's Global Coronrvirus Response Fund to support the research and development of a vaccination against COVID-19

  • We are continuing to support our amazing team, partners and contracted freelancers during this time, and we are committed to cushioning the blow as employment becomes difficult

  • We will be matching staff donations to fight and prevent COVID-19 to certified government organizations

  • We are ensuring we pay our team and contractors, even if they're not working as a result of COVID-19

Because COVID-19 poses a challenge to schedule, among other things, our announced services including RetailBox Originals and Store Management will be delayed until further notice. We are excited to release these groundbreaking technologies to everyone, and we will provide more information later this year.

This is the time to unite against COVID-19. We have all heard the messages of staying at home, protecting our health services, and saving lives. Some countries have done an incredible job at this — advice from government officials work, and we urge everyone to follow them.

Press Contacts

Joseph Scarantino

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