Leading media publications react to breakthrough RetailBox 5 update​

Skyline News, Appleosophy Media, and more reflect on Breakthrough Update, Praising High Quality Design with Breakthrough Screen Savers.

On October 1, 2019, Software Network released RetailBox 5 on the iOS App Store, after a comprehensive summer beta testing program. The all-new RetailBox app introduces a beautiful new design with a focus on expertly curated content with personalized recommendations, adds an immersive new Dark Mode, and includes innovative new Quick Status features including Proactive Notifications.

Since the initial release, RetailBox hit the Top 10 Charts in the App Store, with hundreds of units being sold during the first day of availability, with that number growing each and every single day.

We've provided a media copy to select publications and creators so they can voice their opinion on RetailBox, and the breakthrough new feature it offers. Here is what some of them are saying:

Appleosophy Media

Instagram — 34,000 followers

"An incredibly well designed app with an awesome collection of screen savers."

9.41 News

Instagram — 17,000 followers

"[RetailBox] presents a modern and flawless design, with beautiful looking screen savers that will leave you speechless."


Instagram — 16,000 followers

"RetailBox offers stunning screen savers that will make your device look even better. Not only the screen savers themselves, but the look and feel of the app is exceptional."

Lighting News

Instagram — 750 followers

"Wow. What an amazing app. It has many unique screen savers to showcase your iPhone or iPad."


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Software Network is on a mission to empower, connect, educate and inspire people all across the world with groundbreaking software and services. RetailBox, the worlds most popular device management app for iOS redefines retail device management with RetailBox+ and Store Management, while Aqueous Media emphasizes design and quality to provide a radical journalism experience. Software Network's skilful employees are committed to providing world-class experiences for our customers across the world while utilising key corporate values to support and develop key groups around the world.


Disclaimer: These are real opinions, Software Network did not request or accept any form of compensation for their respective quotes.