RetailBox 5.3 is now available

Introducing In-App Notifications and Improvements to Content Suggestions.

The latest version of RetailBox, version 5.3, is now available to users in over 100 countries and regions as a free software update on the App Store. RetailBox 5.3 includes improvements to content suggestions, bringing a new Dislike option to customers, and introduces in-app notifications to inform users on new content, features, and promotions.

Content Suggestions

Customers can now Dislike screen savers to help improve future releases.

Since RetailBox launched, customers have been enjoying editorially handpicked collections every month based on a secure and comprehensive understanding of users viewing history. With RetailBox 5.3, this understanding extends to customer's negative preferences with a new Dislike option, in addition to the previously available Recommend option. Customers have been voicing their opinions on newly-released content frequently, which helps Software Network improve future releases.

In-App Notifications

In-App Notifications inform users with rich graphic and detail when they next open RetailBox,

Today's update also introduces in-app notifications, which provide customers with full-screen information to inform them about new content, features, and promotions when they next open RetailBox. In-App Notifications can be configured in Settings to work alongside push notifications, or used independently.

Learn how to manage RetailBox Notification Subscriptions >

Updates to RetailBox Beta Program

Today's update also includes many bug fixes and stability improvements, which can only happen as a result of customer feedback. Today, we're announcing a new way to download and provide feedback on future RetailBox betas. With a future RetailBox beta, the 100MB download limit will be removed, allowing customers to enjoy the same amount of content as App Store customers, which were recently increased to 3GB per month. Users can also join pre-release testing by joining a TestFlight beta in Settings > Join RetailBox Preview.

To learn more ways to get the most out of RetailBox 5.3, users can follow RetailBox on Instagram and Twitter. For more information on RetailBox features, visit RetailBox Support.

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