RetailBox 5 offers a radical new interface with innovative new features this Summer

London, United Kingdom — Since RetailBox 5 launched in April, customers have been using RetailBox 5's incredible new design and innovative new features, and breakthrough device management features coming later this year.

Now, with a new RetailBox 5 Developer beta, coming soon, RetailBox users now have access to Quick Status 2, which improves device management with new features, and introduces Up Next, which provides a simplistic and beautiful way to view the current playback of Featured screen savers across devices.

RetailBox 5 was editorially designed with the redesigned Library-menu highlighting expertly cursed screen savers every week.
RetailBox 5 was editorially designed with the redesigned Library-menu highlighting expertly curated screen savers every week.

"We have heard a lot of positive feedback regarding RetailBox 5, the largest software update ever," said Joshua Brigden, the Vice President of Software Network. "We have many people across Software Network from engineering, marketing and design working to make RetailBox 5 the best experience ever before we release on the App Store this Summer."

Here is what some of our customers and enterprise customers are saying about RetailBox 5:

Jason H.

"RetailBox is the most advanced and unique device management app I have ever used, it has the best screen savers and my devices will be so much easier to manage with the previews that I've seen from Store Management and RetailBox+"

Josh M.

"RetailBox 5 is a fantastic update, the new user interface focuses on editorial curation, and it shows Software Network's broader approach on device management, more so than RetailBox 4."

Med Store, Italy

"We find that the new user interface in RetailBox 5 is very useful and intuitive. The new fluid gestures are innovative and complement the all-new design."

Pricing and Availability

RetailBox 5 is available to download now through Developer beta launching soon with Up Next and Quick Status 2 features for devices running iOS 11.4 or later.


To download images of RetailBox 5, access the Newsroom website.

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