RetailBox 6 introduces a beautiful new design with advanced features

RetailBox 6 introduces a beautiful new design with new ways to explore the world around you with offline support, and powerful workflow additions in Share to RetailBox.

RetailBox 6 is all-new and serves as the ultimate expression of design and engineering.

Auckland, New Zealand — RetailBox today previewed RetailBox 6, the latest version of the world's most popular cinematographic video app for iOS. RetailBox 6 introduces a beautiful new design informed by the foundations of simplicity and utility, packing in powerful new features to advance the experience. The breakthrough new This Week tab focuses on discovery and highlights the latest new screen savers every week, Collections make it even easier to find new places you'll love organised into smart categories. The new Library tab enables quick and easy navigation to the content you love from new places, adding the ability to download screen savers for offline playback. Search becomes more powerful and intelligent, with new features including showing what's popular with Trending content personalized for you, based on on-device machine learning.

"With RetailBox 6, we've taken years of lessons and advancements to inform the leap forward in the design and experience," said Vis Berry, the president of RetailBox. "With a beautiful new design featuring the breakthrough This Week tab, powerful workflow features like Share to RetailBox, and major performance and responsiveness updates, RetailBox 6 transforms the experience with the most significant design and experience update ever. We hope that our users will love RetailBox just as much as we loved developing, engineering, and designing for the past 18 months."

Beautiful New Design

RetailBox 6 introduces a beautiful new design with redesigned navigation, focusing on improved simplicity and usability. Everything from RetailBox 5 has been carefully considered to the smallest details, delivering the most significant design and experience update since the introduction of RetailBox.

The new design introduces several beautifully designed interface paradigms which are consistent across the entire experience. An updated navigation experience removes clutter by removing the distraction of text labels, offering users a simplistic yet beautiful way to navigate across four distinct new tabs. The new navigation bar also adapts to the curvature of the display on iPhone and iPad, delivering a modern look across devices.

A thoughtful design has been applied across the entire experience.

Insightful Quick Previews

RetailBox 6 introduces an entirely new experience, starting from playback. All-new Quick Previews display the most important information about a screen saver, including the shooting location, premier date, and creator in a beautiful new contextual layout which gives users a sense of the content, coming to life on iPhone and iPad.

Powerful Updates to Playback

For quick and effortless access to favourite screen savers, users can add them to their Library, and download them so they can play them even when they are completely offline. RetailBox 6 also introduces multiple enhancements to playback, adding up to create an intelligent and beautiful experience. Crossfade introduces a completely seamless transition between playback cycles, and new technologies enable for faster streaming of content over a Wi-Fi and cellular connection.

Crossfade introduces a beautifully seamless transition, and streaming is faster than ever.

A More Personal Experience

Useful new personalization features, including redesigned Settings, is now available with RetailBox 6. The all-new RetailBox profile is always visible on the top-right of the Collections, Search, and Library tabs and gives users a sense of context with their personality. Settings offer an improved experience by grouping common controls together with redesigned icons making it easier than ever to quickly access controls.

A customizable RetailBox profile photo and display name is pinned to Settings and always-visible.

The Power of Five-Tiered Engineering

RetailBox 6 has been entirely re-engineered from the ground up, combining innovative and powerful proprietary technologies like StingRay with next-generation SwiftUI, which work harmoniously together to deliver much faster performance compared to RetailBox 5*:

  • Launching RetailBox 6 is up to 4x faster than launching RetailBox 5.

  • RetailBox 6 is faster and more responsive, with improvements across the board that deliver 3x better performance overall.

  • Loading content is 2x faster than RetailBox 5, introducing new ways to experience content with downloads and streaming.

  • RetailBox 6, under stress, is up to 5x as fast as RetailBox 5.

RetailBox 6 is engineered exclusively for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, bringing tight integration with new features including Widgets, which lets users play recent screen savers right from the Home Screen, Dark Mode, for an immersive viewing experience in low-light, and Haptic Touch, which brings easy access to contextual shortcuts, such as for downloading and deleting screen savers.

Access RetailBox At A Glance

For the first time, RetailBox gains new widgets which present timely information at a glance with two different sizes, perfect for creating a distinct Home Screen layout. Users can choose from their Recent screen saver playbacks, or to get smart suggestions of newly released content and play it — right from the Home Screen.

Widgets are beautifully designed and available in small and medium sizes.

Additional RetailBox 6 Features

  • Eight beautifully designed app icons, including Pride which supports LGBTQ+ organizations and charities around the world.

  • Customers can now use Siri Shortcuts to create personalized tasks and automatons with the Shortcuts app, such as playing a specific screen saver.

  • Smart Rotate allows users to play screen savers in Landscape mode, even if users' devices are set to Auto-Rotate


The public beta of RetailBox 6 is available to registered RetailBox Previews members on TestFlight starting today. New software features will be available early next year as a free software update for iPhone 6s and later, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad Pro (all models), iPad mini 4 and later, and iPod touch (7th generation) with the latest software updates. Features are subject to change. Some features may not be available in all regions, in all languages or in the first public beta release.

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With RetailBox for iPhone and iPad, users can watch a diverse catalogue of over 200 screen savers, filmed from the most beautiful locations all over the world, with zero ads, all in one app. This Week intelligently and automatically highlights the newest content every week, and users can browse the best content, handpicked by our editors every week, in the Collections tab. Users can also get quick access to screen savers on their device using Widgets or Siri Shortcuts and is useful for relaxing, creating an aesthetic, or showcasing your device as a professional. The app draws thousands of active users and is recognized as the world's most popular cinematographic video app.

* Testing conducted by RetailBox in November 2020 using pre-release RetailBox 5.7 and pre-release RetailBox 6.0. Speeds claims tested on iPhone Xʀ with iOS 14.2, with WPA2 Wi-Fi network connection. Performance will vary based on system configuration, network connection, and other factors.