RetailBox adds new slate of content for November

New content available starting today.

The new November collection is available to watch today.

Following the breakout release of the October collection, featuring the popular screen saver Littoral, RetailBox today premiered the new November collection ahead of the global premiers of Aerial Animals: The Collection — releasing November 5, and the fun and expressive Emoji collection — releasing November 11.

Since the initial preview of the new collection last month, RetailBox users around the world have been eager to get ahold of the new content, including Gloss — featuring deluxe sheets of ink placidly transitioning over a white plain and new Echo — where hues of autumn are continuously broken by a seamless path of nature.

The all-new collection featuring these screen savers and more, with new content releasing every Friday, is now available for users around the world to binge on, exclusively on the RetailBox app's Featured tab.

All new releases are available in 4K HDR, the highest quality level, delivering brighter colours and luminance which is more true to life. The new screen saver collections are perfect alongside customer's new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

By the end of the year, RetailBox announced that the app will be the home to over 200 screen savers, available all in one app, with zero ads. The service launched on October 1, 2019, and since then has become the world's most popular cinematographic video app for iOS and iPadOS, debuting newly added content weekly for audiences all over the world, catering for all tastes, and all use cases.

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The RetailBox app is the world's most popular cinematographic video app for iOS and iPadOS. RetailBox provides access to over 140 screen savers filmed from the most beautiful places around the world with zero ads, drawing thousands of devoted users around the world.