RetailBox announces 2nd generation December collection with Christmas exclusives

RetailBox Gains Two Collections in the Same Month With New Christmas Exclusives and Becomes Home to Over 70+ Screen Savers.

RetailBox Now #1 Cinematographic Video App for iOS.

iPhone XS
The 2nd generation December collection includes the most mesmerising drone shots yet featuring popular places in New Zealand and Australia.

Software Network today revealed the 2nd generation December collection, noting the first time more than two sequential collections have premiered on RetailBox. Starting later today, viewers in over 150 countries and regions can watch the amazing new 2nd generation December collection on the all-new RetailBox app, which brings together a diverse, curated selection of mesmerising screen savers across iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with 4K HDR.

"RetailBox has enjoyed continuous new collections featuring some incredible new screen savers, particularly in the December collection," said Joseph Scarantino, the Executive Director of Worldwide Content Production. "The new 2nd generation December collection offers some beautiful new shots from New Zealand and Australia, and includes some new Christmas themed screen savers to celebrate this festive holiday season."

The 2nd generation December collection joins the previously announced 1st generation December collection, which premiered 1 December, and the November and Summer collections which launched prior. Additional screen savers will premier in January, with RetailBox becoming the home to 100+ screen savers, the most on any app of it's kind on iOS.

In addition to the new collection, a new "Best of 2019" collection debuts with the best screen savers of 2019 ranked by you using our analytics data and feedback from surveys. "Doze" was named the Best Screen Saver of 2019, followed by Confluence.

Over 20+ new screen savers join the 2nd generation December collection, as RetailBox becomes the home to 100+ screen savers with January collection, premiering January.

Some New Screen Savers Include:

  • In "Rob Weitz," crests around a bilateral confluence beautifully engage.

  • With "Convolution," waves crash against the pearly gradient of the supporting rocks.

  • "Back Nine," celebrates the beautiful viridescent nature of high-value golf causes.

  • With "Ornaments," the feeling of Christmas joins RetailBox as ornaments flash against the stark background.

  • With "Spirit," the traditions of Christmas return with smooth shots over a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

  • "Intersection," places a focus on a busy New York intersection at night as the car's lights below illuminate the cold road.

  • With "Primary", green becomes the focal primary colour as reflects green sand and water below.

New screen savers from November onwards now support 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) for an immersive viewing experience. With newer versions of RetailBox, users can rotate their iPhone or iPad to see even more. Software Network also custom edits all screen savers to introduce higher contrast, colour and stabilization to push customer's viewing experience to the extreme.

The all-new RetailBox app brings together over 100+ immersive screen savers* from beautiful places around the world into a premium, personalised and curated experience. RetailBox is available in over 100 countries and regions for the US $0.99.


  • The 2nd generation December collection is now available to stream in the RetailBox app which is available in over 150 countries and regions.

  • 4K HDR requires iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max with the latest version of RetailBox and is not available across all new screen savers.

  • iPhone 11, iPhone Xʀ, iPad and iPod touch will automatically use the next-best available resolution.

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