RetailBox becomes the home of 100+ mindblowing screen savers

First 2020 Season Premier Available with Many New Screen Savers as RetailBox Becomes the Home of 100+ Screen Savers.

iPad Pro (12.9-inch) and iPhone 11 Pro with the RetailBox app.
"Fluidity" premiers with the January collection starting today as the first Featured screen saver for 2020.

Starting today, viewers in over 150 countries and regions can watch the new January collection, the first premier of 2020 on the RetailBox app, which brings together immersive screen savers from beautiful places around the world into a premium, personalised and curated experience.

The January catalogue includes over thirty beautiful new screen saver savers including "Fluidity", "Peaks", and "Sole". The total RetailBox catalogue surpasses over 100 screen savers with most supporting 4K HDR. Additional screen savers will continue to debut every month

"We're really excited to be able to call RetailBox the home to 100 screen savers," said Joseph Scarantino, Software Network's Senior Vice President of RetailBox+. "We're really thrilled with this collection, and the effort that went into it. The future of RetailBox has never been more bright and we are looking forward to what's coming next."

With the RetailBox 5.0.9 update, released December 22, users are able to enjoy seamless transitions between playback cycles, for a more immersive experience. Users can also rotate their iPhone or iPad to see even more.

The new January collection includes many new screen savers with immersive 4K HDR.

New Screen Savers Include:

From majestic landscapes and aerial shots to special edition ink and fire screen savers, everyone can count on finding something they’ll love. Some of the titles debuting in the January collection include:

  • With "Fluid Dynamics," amazing waves crash over rocks as the striking sun highlights the detailed pores.

  • With "Sole," an island is panned around while water gently immerses the supporting rocks below.

  • In "Peak," a beautiful mountain terrain from New Zealand is virtually elevated as the white peaks highlight the depth and height.

  • In "Acrylic," various colours of paint and ink are shown across a scope of colours as they subtly move across the canvas.

  • In "Weightless," the exploration of clouds is taken a step further with surreal animations which make you feel weightless as the sunrise gradually rises.

Compilation Screen Savers

For the first time ever in RetailBox, compilations of several shots in the same area are compiled with vivid, immersive animations which highlight the beauty of featured locations around the world.

  • In "Africa: A Compilation", various beautiful drone and aerial shots of African wildlife, nature and weather events are compiled together to an epic end.

  • In "The World: A Compilation", various epic shots of beautiful places around the world are. compiled together to showcase the beauty of mother nature.

With the upcoming RetailBox 5.1 software update, users will be able to quickly distinguish between 4K, 4K HDR and other formats with the tag on supported screen savers. RetailBox 5.1 begins rolling out to customers on the App Store in 2020.


  • The January collection premiers starting today in over 150 countries and regions where the RetailBox app is available in.

  • 4K HDR may not be available on all content and requires iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  • With iPhone Xʀ, iPhone 11 and earlier, iPad and iPod touch, RetailBox will automatically use the next-best available resolution.

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