RetailBox becomes the home to 50+ screen savers with beautiful new December collection

RetailBox Becomes the Home to 50+ New Screen Savers with All-New December Collection Featuring 4K HDR and For You Collections.

iPad Pro and iPhone 11 Pro playing "Confluence" in the all-new RetailBox app.
The all-new RetailBox app features over 50 incredible screen savers with the premier of the innovative new December collection, which brings "Convergence", "Conflux", and more to RetailBox customers starting today.

Starting today, viewers in over 100 countries and regions can watch the innovative new December collection on the all-new RetailBox app, which brings together a diverse, curated selection of mesmerising screen savers across iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The new catalogue includes over fifteen incredible new screen savers with breakthrough 4K HDR, making this collection the smartest, most beautiful collection ever introduced to RetailBox. The new catalogue includes pro formats including High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) compression, which offers better compression which uses less storage space on user's devices while preserving the same visual quality. 

The all-new December collection joins the previously announced Summer & November collections, introducing unlimited access to over 50+ screen savers, all in one app, with more joining RetailBox every month.

"An incredible amount of thought and detail goes into every new RetailBox collection," said Sebastian Szöcs, Software Network's Senior Vice President of RetailBox Marketing. "We're really proud to make RetailBox the home to over 50 breakthrough screen savers, and we can't wait to roll out new collections in the months to follow.

iPhone 11 Pro running RetailBox
"Convergence" joins RetailBox as preferred Featured screen saver, and looks incredible on iPhone and iPad.

New Screen Savers Include

Here are a few new screen savers which debut exclusively on the all-new RetailBox app starting today:

  • "Convergence" is a beautiful screen savers which features choppy water which sinistrality displaces while the uninterrupted azure seamlessly withdraws. Focal points are maintained as the viewpoint shifts overhead.

  • In "Cascading Vibes", you're put into a futuristic sci-fi tunnel with no end. Mesmerising light strikes the camera as you're focused on the immersive depth and detail.

  • "Celestial", explores the astronomic beauty of stars transposing over a clear night as a timelapse draws closer to dawn.

  • With "Comber", sumptuous waves embrace over each other as the viewpoint subtly shifts.

  • "Sultry" explores a vivid precipice, set in the tropical islands with clear blue waters, golden sand, and the return of Summer.

  • With "Lookout," you're the witness to a mesmerising sunrise over a striking lookout point, while the perspective effortlessly shifts.

  • With "Ink", stark backgrounds are juxtaposed against beautiful covers of ink directly flowing against pristine, cold water.

The most popular screen savers from the previous November collection were "Confluence" and "Doze". For the first time, new collections use our feedback from past collections to recommend similar screen savers in new "For You" collections.

New screen savers from November onwards now support 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) for an immersive viewing experience. With the latest version of RetailBox, users can rotate their iPhone or iPad to see even more. Software Network also custom edits all screen savers to introduce higher contrast, colour and stabilization to push customer's viewing experience to the extreme.


  • The all-new December collection is available to stream in the all-new RetailBox app starting now in over 100 countries and regions where RetailBox is available in.

  • 4K HDR requires iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max with the latest version of RetailBox and is only available on some screen savers.

  • iPhone Xʀ, iPhone 11 and earlier, iPad and iPod touch will use the next-best available resolution.

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