RetailBox Celebrates Christmas with New Icons

Limited Edition Christmas (2019) Icon Joins Special Edition Series with Pride (2019), released in May alongside #IDAHOBIT2019.

Beautifully designed Christmas icons join previously released Pride (2019) Special Edition icons.

With the Christmas season officially underway, Software Network today updated RetailBox for Christmas, bringing a new Christmas 2019 Special Edition Home Screen Icon to help customers celebrate the festive holiday season.

Special Edition Icons

Starting today, customers with the latest version of RetailBox can choose from the beautifully designed Christmas Special Edition Icons for 2019, along with nine other beautifully designed icons, including Pride (2019) which supported LGBTQ+ movements around the world with a corporate donation. These icons are limited edition and will be exclusively available for the holiday season.

To set the new icons, choose Home Screen Icon in Settings, with the latest version of RetailBox.

A new Christmas (2019) icon makes a debut with the latest version of RetailBox.

The all-new RetailBox app brings together over 100+ immersive screen savers* from beautiful places around the world into a premium, personalised and curated experience. RetailBox is available in over 100 countries and regions for the US $0.99.

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