RetailBox customers enjoying over 130 screen savers, 12 months after blockbuster release

RetailBox is the world's leading cinematographic video app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, connecting customers with a whole world of beautiful content.

Last summer, customers around the world began downloading the first versions of RetailBox 5 — the most significant RetailBox release yet, bringing a beautiful new design with an entirely new selection of world-class content from the most beautiful destinations all around the world.

Since the full release on October 1, 2019, RetailBox has been on the App Store's Top 10 Business charts in several different countries and regions several times often. There has been an increase in the number of customers who are downloading RetailBox for the first time and sharing content the incredibly diverse catalogue with friends and family.

"We've been thrilled with the response that RetailBox 5 has received, and we would like to thank our users for giving RetailBox such a warm welcome," said Vis Berry, RetailBox's Product Manager for App & Services. "We are so proud of the innovations we've built on in this release and we cannot wait to show you where we are taking RetailBox in the future."

Software Network has regularly been releasing major feature updates which continue to innovate and improve on the experience we first introduced.

In March, Software Network released RetailBox 5.2, which introduced several highly-requested new features, including Download Indicators—which quickly inform customers if screen savers have already been downloaded, and Format Labels, which display labels on 4K HDR supported content.

In May, we partnered with a leading graphic designer to include an the incredibly popular new Pride (2020) Home Screen Icon, including a limited-edition Pride screen saver, which later went on to become the most popular screen saver in June 2020. Updates for RetailBox in June also included new content suggestion features, which heavily influence new content being launched every month based on a secure and comprehensive understanding of users' viewing preferences.

While the team has been preparing for RetailBox's future, new software releases have been introduced in June and July which added support for universal links, improvements to Library Lock, and usability improvements to the most used RetailBox features.

The new September collection premiers exclusively on RetailBox next month.

Next month, RetailBox will debut the ninth consecutive content collection with beautiful new highlights including Climacteric and Sunder , with full support for 4K HDR— an industry-leading standard which boasts four times as many pixels as HD, resulting in sharper, crisper images. And HDR delivers colours that are brighter, richer, and truer to life. Customers can experience 4K HDR on the iPhone X and later and iPad Pro.

Later in 2020, Software Network will continue to provide exciting and innovative new features and technologies to RetailBox, which is only possible because of the hard-work and dedication from our team members, and the commitment, loyalty and support shown by our users around the world every day.

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The RetailBox app is the world's most popular cinematographic video app for iOS and iPadOS. RetailBox provides access to over 100 screen savers filmed from the most beautiful places around the world with zero ads, drawing thousands of devoted users around the world.

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