RetailBox highlights accessibility features

RetailBox includes full system support for powerful iOS technologies, including Voice Control, Bold Text, Dynamic Type, and Dark Mode

RetailBox provides an effortless experience, no matter the device or need.

RetailBox is the world's most popular cinematographic video app for iOS, enabling users to follow over 200 studio-style aerials all in one place. With that in mind, we're aware of the many types of users we have, and the different accessibility and usability needs they have. Our focus is creating beautiful experiences, and this can only be achieved by building accessibility, usability, and simplicity into all of our designs.

Voice Control

To support our users who struggle with mobility, RetailBox supports Voice Control, a powerful accessibility feature available on iPhone and iPad which allows users to interact with their devices without touching the display. When Voice Control is enabled, users can say "show numbers," each representing a field on the screen. Users can download screen savers, share content, change tabs, and even provide recommendations in the RetailBox app with Voice Control enabled. Users can enable Voice Control in Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control with iOS 13 and later.

Voice Control on iPhone 12 Pro
Introduced in iOS 13, RetailBox supports the powerful Voice Control feature.

Typography and Experience

For users with limited vision, RetailBox reflects system-wide text changes, known as Dynamic Type, on supported views. This also includes bold text, which increases the font weight of all text across the RetailBox experience. Users can adjust the text size under Settings on their iPhone or iPad to meet their specific visual needs and preferences.

A redesigned font experience was also introduced in RetailBox 5.9, released May 12, bringing users a more elegant and legible font style, matching popular iPhone apps users are familiar with including Apple Music, the Apple TV app, and Podcasts. Dark Mode is also available, adapting RetailBox's interface for low-light conditions.

RetailBox supports a comprehensive typography experience.

Button Shapes, Labels, and Contrast

The latest versions of RetailBox also include improvements to the way RetailBox responds to button shapes, labels, and contrast. When button shapes are enabled, RetailBox automatically highlights disclosure triangles and arrows — which are used to indicate navigation through screens, and tab bars — which let users navigate around RetailBox. The experience also supports underlining text, which makes key labels and controls more prominent.

Underlined controls make it easier to differentiate primary controls.

These features represent RetailBox's goal in providing accessible software, open to all. RetailBox is committed to improving the accessibility experience with future software updates going forward.


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RetailBox App

With RetailBox for iPhone and iPad, users can watch a diverse catalogue of over 200 screen savers, filmed from the most beautiful locations all over the world, with zero ads, all in one app. This Week intelligently and automatically highlights the newest content every week, and users can browse the best content, handpicked by our editors every week, in the Collections tab. Users can also get quick access to screen savers on their device using Widgets or Siri Shortcuts and is useful for relaxing, creating an aesthetic, or showcasing your device as a professional. The app draws thousands of active users and is recognized as the world's most popular cinematographic video app.