RetailBox Offers Incredible Screen Savers From Beautiful Places Around the World

Users Can Now Watch Screen Savers In Landscape

iPad Pro (11-inch) running the all-new RetailBox app.
New Screen Savers Including Confluence, Doze, and Luminosity are now available in the all-new RetailBox app.

Since the all-new RetailBox app debuted on the App Store 1 October, customers around the world have been enjoying the incredible new features, and breakthrough new screen saver collections launched in November.

Now, with RetailBox 5.0.6, released November 14, RetailBox customers have the ability to view their favourite screen savers in landscape with iPhone and iPad, so they can see even more. This follows the breakthrough launch of the RetailBox November collection, which features over fifteen new screen savers, including popular highly popular Confluence, Doze and Luminosity.

"We're hearing a lot of great feedback from thousands of customers who have purchased RetailBox on the App Store, and the latest updates aim to improve stability and performance," said Vis Berry, the President of Software Network. "We're listening very closely to customer feedback, and we have people across design, engineering and marketing who are working hard to make RetailBox the best possible experience for our customers."

Software Network has released plans to bring the innovative new December collection to RetailBox, premiering December 1. New screen saver collections include 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) on Super Retina Display on iPhone X and later and Super Retina XDR display on iPhone 11 Pro for stunning viewing experiences, with high contrast and true blacks.

RetailBox gains a redesigned product page and is available on the App Store for US $0.99.

The all-new RetailBox app brings together over 100+ immersive screen savers* from beautiful places around the world into a premium, personalised and curated experience. RetailBox is available in over 100 countries and regions for the US $0.99.

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