RetailBox opens the next chapter with high frame rate video

Major update to RetailBox adds High Frame Rate video with High Dynamic Range, unlocking powerful experiences with smoother action at up to 60 frames per second

"Mojave" is one of the first screen savers to support high frame rate video.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND — RetailBox today announced it is introducing the high frame rate video standard in high dynamic range with today's RetailBox software release, which brings over 200 aerials and studio-style cinematography to users, highlighting the very best places around the world. The groundbreaking 4K High Refresh Rate (HFR) format joins RetailBox's critically acclaimed catalogue of stunning videos with pro grade formats including high definition (HD), and 4K HDR, bringing an all-new perspective to new places with video that's smoother than ever, and appears more lifelike.

"RetailBox is the world's most powerful aerial video app in the world, combining studio-style aerials from the best videographers in the world," said Vis Berry, the product owner of RetailBox. "We saw the integration of 4K High Refresh Rate as a natural extension to our service's growing capabilities, and we think that customers will enjoy the dramatic improvements that go way beyond smoother playback."

The ability to download screen savers in RetailBox 5 enables users to enjoy 4K HFR video on-device, enhancing the experience for customers on slower Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Playback on 4K HFR videos are smoother than ever, offering playback at up to 60 frames per second, offering a maximum responsiveness jump of 2x fold over RetailBox's traditional cinematic video experiences thanks to high refresh rate. RetailBox will slowly bring more content that supports high frame rate video with future content releases so users can enjoy a wider selection of content in this frame rate.

RetailBox 6 video details screen on iPhone 12
Streaming video in RetailBox 6 is faster and more efficient than ever before.

With RetailBox 6, coming soon, users will also be able to stream screen savers without needing to download them on-device, eliminating the need to wait for a download to finish before watching. Before users go offline, they will be able to choose to download their favorites, meaning that the service will no longer require a persistent internet connection. These next-generation experiences are enabled by cutting-edge new technologies, including a redesigned Core Playback system built on SwiftUI, which is seamlessly integrated into iOS 14 and beyond.

The May collection unveiled many new screen savers featuring cinematic 4K HDR.

Users can begin watching high frame rate video in the "Watch in 4K HFR" section in the RetailBox app. "Mojave", "Cliffside", and "Highway" are among the first screen savers to support high frame rate, with more coming in future releases.


4K High Frame Rate video is available beginning later today with RetailBox 5.9 and later. Content availability is currently limited. 4K High Frame Rate takes advantage of higher frame rates than cinematic video, but might not offer sustained responsiveness at 60 frames per second. For clarity, any RetailBox video above cinematic grade will be classed as high refresh rate compatible.


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