RetailBox receives tremendous momentum following 2019

RetailBox+ Coming this Spring, Smart Store Details Releasing this Year, and RetailBox Event Slated for 2020 with Major Update.

Software Network today announced a close to RetailBox for the year of 2019, a year which introduced the all-new RetailBox app on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the introduction of breakthrough screen saver collections, Quick Status (2nd generation), and a preview of Smart Store. RetailBox is the world's leading cinematography app for iOS and iPadOS, regularly being on the App Store's Business Top 15 charts. Software Network is committed to providing customers with world-class experiences with a commitment to quality, support and privacy.

"We are so grateful for the support and loyalty of our users around the world," said Joseph Scarantino, the Vice President of Software Network. "We are committed to making RetailBox the best app of it's kind for iOS and iPadOS, and we're so invested in user feedback. We cannot wait to show everyone what we've been working on, and we hope you love it just as much as us."

In 2020, Software Network is committed to reaching new heights with RetailBox, introducing two new unique services, including Smart Store and RetailBox+, which will bring innovative new experiences to the RetailBox app which brings a dynamic experience to an app which stands as a one-time purchase of USD $0.99 from the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

RetailBox is the number-one cinematographic video app for iPhone and iPad and leads innovative software updates often which bring exciting new features for customers around the world. In April 2019, Software Network introduced the all-new RetailBox app, bringing it on the App Store for USD $0.99 in October. Customers can watch new screen savers collections every month. Today, RetailBox is the home of 100+ groundbreaking screen savers filmed from beautiful places around the world, including California, New Zealand and Southern Australia.

In Spring 2020, customers can look forward to RetailBox+, an all-new service which will provide beautiful original screen savers filmed around Montana and Yellowstone National Park in the United States. Users will be able to enjoy the new service for free with a RetailBox software update coming soon, and select customers can begin previewing RetailBox+ soon.

Later in 2020, customers can also look forward to more information on Smart Store, the world's first consumer-ready device management app for iOS and iPadOS. Smart Store offers innovative device management across every RetailBox device, including theft-protection, extended interaction monitoring and more. Users will be preview all the new features in Smart Store in 2020 with a RetailBox software update and will be able to subscribe to the service after beta testing concludes for a monthly subscription price.

Starting this week, new screen savers will continue to premier with RetailBox every Sunday, rather than every month. This will bring the RetailBox catalogue to over 150+ screen savers by the end of the year. RetailBox Originals will debut every month after the launch in Spring.

With the RetailBox 5.1.2 software update released yesterday, customers will be able to access more RetailBox content for free, with 1GB of data every month, increased from 500MB previously.

Press Contacts

Joseph Scarantino

Software Network

Sebastian Szöcs

Software Network

The new lineup will premiere globally on the all-new RetailBox app, which brings together immersive screen savers from beautiful places around the world into a premium, personalised and curated experience. RetailBox is available for $0.90 on the App Store. iOS 13 or iPadOS is required.