RetailBox to premier new July collection, reaching over 120 screensavers

Seventh 2020 Premier to Debut July 1.

Users can begin watching the new collection starting July 1.

Software Network today announced that the seventh consecutive content collection will debut on the RetailBox app starting July 1. The newly introduced content adds to the robust catalogue of over 100+ screen savers with zero ads. The new June collection will include five new screen savers on launch, with new screen savers being released every Sunday to total nine new screen savers featuring 4K HDR.

The new July collection premiers with three new screen savers on launch, with new content being released every Friday to total seven new screen savers, all featuring 4K HDR.

With RetailBox 5.4 and later, customers have the ability to suggest screen savers by suggesting or disliking based on their personal preference. This secure and comprehensive understanding of user preferences help RetailBox improve future content releases every month.

New content features 4K HDR for the highest-quality viewing experience.

The new July collection adds new content to kick off the summer with impressive aerial shots featuring beaches in gorgeous locations from around the world. 4K HDR screen savers are available in our highest quality level, boasting four times as many pixels as HD, resulting in sharper, crisper images. And HDR delivers colours that are brighter, richer, and truer to life. Customers can experience 4K HDR on the iPhone X and later and iPad Pro.

RetailBox is the world’s leading cinematographic video app of its kind* and has enjoyed sustained growth throughout 2020. In the future, Software Network is committed to delivering customers with a stunning collection of content, unlike any other app.


The new July collection premiers on the RetailBox app starting July 1. 4K HDR content requires a compatible device with the latest version of RetailBox, which is available on the App Store for USD $0.99.

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The RetailBox app brings together hundreds of screen savers from beautiful locations around the world into a premium, personalised and curated experience with no ads. RetailBox is available on the App Store for US $0.99. iOS 13 or iPadOS is required.