RetailBox unveils slate of new content for October

New collection premiers October 1 with new Animals collection coming later this year, featuring remarkable cinematography perfect for iPad.

RetailBox October Collection on iPhone 11 Pro
"Littoral" and the new October Collection premier starting October 1 only on RetailBox.

On the heels of the premier of RetailBox's buzzworthy new September and Summer Finale collections, the world's most popular cinematographic video app is previewing the new October collection, which will premiere only on the RetailBox app starting October 1.

Next month marks the first year since the critically acclaimed all-new RetailBox app was released on the App Store. Since its release, RetailBox has been downloaded tens of thousands of times and is the most loved release of RetailBox to date, and one of the most loved apps of its class. RetailBox's award-winning customer satisfaction is powered by the unique experiences offered, including unlimited access to over 140+ screen savers filmed from all around the world, with zero ads. RetailBox's gorgeous catalogue of content is interwoven with innovative and unique cinematography styles which are expertly curated every month and designed to look great across iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

New Screen Savers Include

  • Littoral — Available soon — Subtle motions of a beach on a quiet afternoon.

  • District — Available soon — Take flight over a small town's evening golden hour.

  • Outlook — Available soon — Get a new perspective over a beautiful inland.

The featured screen saver "Littoral," highlights a beautiful beach on a quiet afternoon and supports the industry-leading 4K HDR standard, which looks incredible, and is a perfect match for the new 10.9-inch iPad Air, featuring an immersive Liquid Retina display.

Additional screen savers for October will premier every Friday, exclusively on RetailBox. Customers can see previews of the new content on release day through RetailBox's Instagram and Twitter accounts.

RetailBox customers can also suggest or dislike screen savers by pressing on them, providing a secure and comprehensive understanding of user preferences to help us improve future content releases in the future.

This collection is marked alongside RetailBox 5's first birthday, released on October 1, 2019, on the App Store. Since then, customers have been enjoying the new collections every month. One year later, RetailBox boats a diverse selection of 146 screen savers, with zero ads.

RetailBox Animals Collection Debuts Later This Year

Starting later this year, RetailBox will also debut an exclusive new Animals collection, featuring remarkable sights and gorgeous cinematography from wild animals across Africa, which are designed with iPad in mind, and will look spectacular on iPad Pro. The new Animals collection will mark the first new themed collection since Ink premiered earlier this year, holding its title as one of the most popular collection releases to date.

Latest Weekly Screen Saver Available Next Week

Customers can also begin watching "Complex" starting next Friday, which is the latest screen saver release included in the September collection. Complex follows an immersive aerial over fascinating geographic structures in a desert.

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