Software Network Announces Agile Business Model, Major Changes Across Teams

Joseph Scarantino Steps Down as Vice President.

Auckland, New Zealand — June 16, 2020 — Software Network will always remain committed to delivering our customers with an experience like no other with RetailBox, the world's leading cinematographic video app for iOS and iPadOS. Behind RetailBox, there needs to be a committed, talented, collaborative, and efficient team that drives the future.

Today, Software Network is announcing the most significant changes to the team that delivers RetailBox in a two-phased announcement. The first discharges will be for Joshua Brigden and Joseph Scarantino, which will be leaving immediately and on June 17 respectively.

Software Network today confirmed that Joseph Scarantino, the Vice President, resigned on Friday for personal reasons. His resignation was accepted by the company the following day. The Company has nominated a current team member for Vice President pending approval from the management team.

Sebastian Szöcs, who led the company's marketing efforts will transition into RetailBox Corporate starting in July. Software Network will now collaborate with chosen marketing agencies until a successor to his Chief Marketing Officer position hired in the interim.

Sami Fathi joins Software Network and will lead our improved support and communication efforts across the team, who will also be the first contact point for members of the press. Sami has a strong track record for delivering new customer support experiences across the board, and his new leads will help strengthen Software Network's relationship with customers.

Wilson Gramer will continue to provide leadership and direction for RetailBox Product Engineering, in addition to the support of product technologies. His exceptional development and leadership skills have supported the team in delivering highly innovative and popular new releases every year.

Software Network also announced a new engineering intern program, where developers who want to gain skill and experience can apply starting this summer. The experimental program will welcome new people in the weeks to follow and will join the RetailBox Product Engineering Team under the direction of Wilson Gramer.

Software Network's branding will also be updated later this year to further acknowledge RetailBox. Software Network will be working closely with leading image design experts across fields to update branding across social media platforms, as "RetailBox by Software Network" becomes our communications objective.

Further announcements to the Company will be made in July.

A strong, communicative team is pivotal to the success of RetailBox. The announcements today lay the foundation for the beginning of a stronger managerial, operational, and talented team that Software Network has no doubts will exceed any prior expectations.


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