Software Network Introduces Great Benefits for New Employees

Introducing Free Apple Music & Apple TV+ For New Employees with More Performance Boosts.

All new employees gain an Apple Music and Apple TV+ subscription on us.

"Million Ways" by HRVY is available on iTunes & Apple Music:

London, United Kingdom — Software Network today announced a comprehensive new plan to help address perspective new employees who want to begin work with Software Network. Starting today, all new employees who qualify for certain positions will receive Apple Music and Apple TV+ for free, for the entire tenure of their employment. Existing employees will receive these benefits next month.

Software Network today completed a comprehensive internal review into working standards and practises the Company is involved with, and have concluded that we are committed to improving what already is a world-class opportunity, by introducing the following introductory benefits:

  • Apple Music: We found that the mood of employees can be dramatically increased when music is available at their demand and productivity increases. Apple Music supports streaming across all operating systems and devices for a seamless experience, no matter where they may be.

  • Apple TV+: We found that when it's time to relax, we wanted to create a mood where discussions can be had around breakthrough, inspiring stories. Apple TV+ is the latest addition to Apple's services and includes several flagship shows, including "The Morning Show", and "Dickinson", which will be certain to provoke challenging, personal discussions.

  • Performance Packages: Our employees highly passionate about the things they do, and their work should be recognized. Dependent on inclusive corporate governance, employees may receive comprehensive performance packages depending on customer recommendations and performance statistics.

  • Timed-Shifts: Rather than being on-call 24/7, all teams (excluding our Critical Response Team, which handles server outages and security attacks liaising with our providers) will be rostered onto a timetable, which is aimed to improve the overall speed, productivity, performance and quality of the team and their work.

"We're really excited to make a positive relationship with new team members," said Vis Berry, the President of Software Network. "We think this new commitment with these incredible new benefits with non-stop streaming of songs, TV shows and movies will dramatically improve the performance and productivity of the team in the future and we can't wait to see the results."

By placing the company's efforts on team culture across multiple initiatives and partners, Software Network's breakthrough initiative offers a challenge for other companies like Software Network, with their scale and size to do the same, so that the working environment for everyone is dramatically improved.

Software Network also announced the departure of Joshua Brigden, the Vice President of Software Network. After six extremely successful months of tenure, Joshua will be pursuing his own corporate endeavours at his own digital media marketing agency Furem Media. The Company is actively seeking his successor.

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