Software Network names Bram Bakkers Executive Advisor to the CEO

London, United Kingdom — Software Network today announced that Bram Bakkers has been named to the company's executive team as the Executive Advisor to the CEO, reporting to Vis Berry, the President of Software Network, and Joshua Brigden, the Vice President of Software Network.

In his new role, Bram will be responsible for strategic management, internal affairs, planning, procurement, software logistics and service fulfillment, as well as ensuring Software Network's future success with third party partners and brands.

"I'm thrilled to have Bram join the team, his skills and experience have been proven time and time again with many of his own brands," said Vis Berry, the President of Software Network. "His passion and dedication to Software Network is inspiring, and I am confident that his skills and talent will bring great success for us going forward."

Bakkers is the former Chief Executive Officer of LatestAppleNws, and runs his own website development firm, where many large clients have pursued his talents. He will be working alongside Vis Berry and Joshua Brigden alongside his other personal ventures.

Bram assumes his position effective October 30, 2019.

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