Software Network names Joseph Scarantino Executive Director of Worldwide Content Production

Joseph Scarantino, an experienced Software Network executive will rejoin the team as Executive Director of Worldwide Content Production.

Lake Forest, California — Software Network today announced that Joseph Scarantino, a fifteen-month Software Network executive will re-join the team as Executive Director of Worldwide Content Production. Prior to his current admission, Scarantino was Software Network's Director of Worldwide Marketing. He continues to report to Vis Berry, the President of Software Network.

In his new role, Scarantino will be in charge of Software Network's content production for the all-new RetailBox app, planning, and leading our RetailBox+ Original Programming Service.

"I'm very excited to welcome Joseph back to the team," said Vis Berry, the President of Software Network. "His commitment to the team has been shown time and time again and we're excited to announce more about the things he has been working on with our programming team later this year."

The Content Production team is responsible for liaising with exceptional content production teams for RetailBox content collections, and to lead and develop the RetailBox+ Originals Service, launched in April 2019 alongside Smart Store (previously Store Management), slated for release soon.

Joseph is a professional photographer who has been working with several media agencies over the years and has been passionate about photography for ten years. He has been trusted by agencies to take the most intimate details of their lives, including weddings and other important social events, and is a graduate of a high-performance videography course in California.

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