Software Network Names Joseph Scarantino Vice President

Joseph Scarantino named top-Software Network executive with sweeping changes across Software Network's services and business model coming in 2020.

Los Angeles, California — January 14, 2020 — Software Network today announced that Joseph Scarantino has been named to the company's executive team as the Vice President of Software Network, succeeding former Vice President Joshua Brigden.

"We're thrilled to welcome Joseph as Vice President, and I couldn't be more happy to be working with him at this level," said Vis Berry, the President of Software Network. "Joseph has been working with us since November 2018, and we have seen his continuous innovation and passion for RetailBox, and we can't wait to implement changes which allow our users to use RetailBox more freely."

Joseph will be working with Wilson Gramer and Vis Berry on day-to-day operations, whilst ensuring we succeed with high customer satisfaction, one of our top goals for this year. He will be leading RetailBox+, an all-new service slated for release in early 2020 which provides all-original content in the RetailBox app, and planning, procurement and acquisitions for breakthrough Smart Store, slated for preview in 2020.

Joseph assumes his position effective January 17, 2020.

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