Software Network previews 2019 Summer collection and HDR on iPhone Xs

Breakthrough RetailBox 5 Software Update Introduces Screen Saver Collections to Complement Editorially Focused Design.

Introducing HDR on iPhone X, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max this Fall.

Redesigned Library in RetailBox 5 highlights beautiful screen savers.

Software Network today announced a new Summer 2019 collection in RetailBox 5, providing an all-new experience for customers across the world.

RetailBox 5's all-new redesign highlights expertly curated screen savers, and in the final release, they'll be updated every week, with new screen savers and themes to highlight seasons, events and latest trends.

"We are so excited to launch the Summer collection," said Joshua Bridgen, the Vice President of Software Network. "The first ever new collection of screen savers includes mesmerising shots from deep under the sea, beautiful crashing waves, and heaps more. We cannot wait to start hearing feedback from our users."

Later this year through a RetailBox software update, RetailBox+, Software Network's original screen saver platform will feature gorgeous videography across California and Los Angeles, with new screen savers being consecutively added every month.

Some of the new screen savers include:

Deep Dive

Explore an immersive submersion beneath the surface of the sea and explore a totally new world.


Immersive yourself in a beautiful time-lapse of clouds passing below a mountain during a crisp winters day.


A relaxing orange glow emanates from a fireplace on a cold winters day.

The latest four screen savers will be featured in Up Next, and playback on those screen savers will sync across all of your devices. Playback can be checked easily using the beautiful new Up Next dots, located in the Featured tab. Up Next dots feature beautiful, responsive animations built using the latest in Swift technology.

In addition, Software Network has announced plans to add new Pride screen savers to continue the support into the LGBTQ+ community, a value close to the company's heart. Additional information will be released at a later date.

Pricing and Availability

RetailBox 5 is available to download now through New screen saver Summer collection will be available via a RetailBox software update coming soon.


To download images of RetailBox 5, access the Newsroom website.

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Software Network

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Software Network

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