Software Network sponsors Appleosophy's Apple Awards 2019

Software Network Leading Support with Apple Awards, In Collaboration with long-time partner — Appleosophy Media.

London, United Kingdom & Austin, Texas — Software Network today announced that they will be joining this year's Apple Awards as a sponsor with Appleosophy Media. Apple Awards celebrates the most exciting Apple products of the year and empowers the larger community not only vote on their favourite Apple products and services but the talented creators who cover Apple-related news.

Earlier this year, Software Network associate Appleosophy Media announced that they would be hosting this year's prestigious Apple awards, which will take place from November 25, 2019, through November 29, 2019.

"The Apple Awards 2019 celebrates the most exciting Apple products and services of the year," said Holden Satterwhite, the Chief Executive Officer of Appleosophy Media. "We're happy to have Software Network as one of the sponsors for this year's Apple Awards."

The nominees for the 2019 Apple Awards will be revealed on November 20, 2019, and are picked by the Apple Awards Board, which features favourite Apple products in the community, including news and website channels which report on Apple news.

"It is a tremendous honour to work with Holden and the rest of the Apple Awards team for what will be the most successful awards yet," said Joshua Brigden, the Vice President of Software Network. "We're excited to support this awards program as much we can and can't wait to get involved further with Appleosophy in the future."

More information can be found at Appleosophy Media's Newsroom.

Press Contacts

Joshua Brigden

Software Network

Holden Satterwhite

Appleosophy Media

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Apple Hub is an Instagram account with over 300,000 followers and created the Apple Awards in 2014. This marks the 5th anniversary for Apple Awards.