Software Network launches new corporate support line for legal and corporate enquiries

New US-based phone number provides support for legal and corporate enquiries for current and potential advertisers and partners.

Los Angeles, California — Software Network today announced a new corporate support line, which offers new ways business partners, advertisers, enterprise customers and potential partners can contact Software Network using a phone number or email address.

"To better meet our partner's needs, we're offering a new way they can contact us," said Joshua Brigden, the Vice President of Software Network. "This new system will allow them to tap into our resources and receive a call-back from someone who can help them further through a personalized and efficient experience."

Partners will be able to call Software Network using the following phone number for the United States. A local number for the United Kingdom will be supported later this year, however customers worldwide will be able to call this line, with fees depending on the carrier or internet service provider.

  • (857) 264-1195

Starting Friday, simply leave a voicemail with your name, company name, outlet number (optional), your query and callback information, and a Software Network representative will call you back within 2 business days (Monday - Friday). Representatives are based around the United States and the United Kingdom, and have expert trained knowledge on legal, corporate, procurement and business relations, and are Software Network employees.

Over the past year, Software Network has served many business partners and advertisers through email and we look forward to supporting our enterprise partners through more flexible means. 

Please note that this line will not handle technical support related-queries for consumers, please visit the new page for information on how to contact a technical support advisor.

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