RetailBox 6

Privacy Policy

Last updated November 24

RetailBox 6 and Privacy

The RetailBox app is designed and engineered to protect your personal information and enables you to choose what to share.


When you use RetailBox, we aim to be transparent about the data we collect and for what purposes. At RetailBox, we do not sell your data to advertisers or third-parties, and keep only the data necessary to ensure our users have the best experience possible with RetailBox 6.

This Week

The This Week tab helps you find the latest content added to RetailBox each week. RetailBox collects anonymous information about what content you interact with, watch, and add to your Library to provide the service and to improve the RetailBox app for you and others.


The Collections tab helps you find the best screen savers, intelligently and automatically organised into smart collections. We design the Collections tab to feature our best screen saver themes (such as Aerials or Landscapes) and RetailBox will anonymously collect some interactions, including if you add a screen saver from Collections to your Library. This data is anonymous and cannot be personally traced back to you.


The Search tab helps you find screen savers you know the name of, provides the latest trending screen savers, and enables quick access to your previous playbacks. RetailBox also recommends trending content based on the most interacted with and popular screen savers across all users. By default, your interactions with the RetailBox app are anonymously aggregated to contribute playback data to support this feature, and to access it.

Providing the RetailBox app

RetailBox collects information about what you’re watching in the RetailBox app on your devices. RetailBox stores this information anonymously to provide the service and to improve the RetailBox app for you and others. Information about what you’re watching will include what content you’re playing, when you played it, the device model you played it from, and where in the content you paused or stopped watching. We also collect an anonymous history of all playback activity that cannot be personally traced back to you. This information is aggregated to identify trends and to improve the experience for you and others.

Improving the RetailBox app

RetailBox collects information about your usage of the RetailBox app, including which of its features you use (for example, This Week or Library), content you search for, notifications you interact with, Quick Preview content pages you browse or view, content you download for offline use, and information on errors or crashes within the app. We use this information and information about what you watch to help improve and optimise the RetailBox app for you and others. We also collect information about your device, such as the type of device, the version of your operating system, and the amount of free space on your device. We may also use this information to assess whether requested content can be downloaded, to understand general trends in use of device storage, and whether your device if connected to Wi-Fi or cellular to improve our offline features. For example, knowing Search was a highly used feature in prior versions allowed us to build features for better content management and filtering, such as the This Week tab.

Personalised experiences

We personalise the RetailBox app to help you discover our best content. For example, we showcase the most popular screen savers in the Collections tab, and recommend screen savers that we think will be of interest to you based on ones you’ve already watched in the Search tab. To provide personalisation, we use information including what you watch, your downloads, browsing, and other activities in the RetailBox app.

If you do not want RetailBox to use information about what you watch on this device in the RetailBox app, you can turn off personalisation features in Settings. On iOS and iPadOS, open RetailBox, tap your profile, then go to Privacy > Share RetailBox Analytics. Follow the on-screen instructions to also disable personalised experiences.


We retain personally unidentifiable information associated with downloads and viewing activity for different lengths of time depending on business needs, contractual obligations, and legal requirements. This data is personally unidentifiable and connected to your RetailBox unique identifier, which can be viewed at anytime in Settings > About.

Preventing fraud and other malicious activity

New in RetailBox 6 and later, RetailBox may verify app integrity to prevent fraud on your device using an encrypted cryptographically key signed by Apple, stored on your device’s Secure Enclave. We use this information to verify that the version of RetailBox on your devices has been purchased on the App Store through legitimate means, or downloaded through TestFlight.

The key is generated on-device with iPadOS 14 or iOS 14 and later and is used to validate the integrity of a RetailBox version before servers provides access to read data. The technology is designed so RetailBox cannot learn the underlying values on your device.

At all times, information collected by RetailBox will be treated in accordance with RetailBox’s Privacy Policy, which can be found at

Give feedback

As always, our team is looking for ways we can improve. If you have any questions or comments regarding the way we handle privacy and transparency, we would love to hear from you and you can contact us at