An immersive cinematic experience.

It's as beautiful as it looks.

RetailBox brings you closer to the beautiful world around you with an all-access catalogue of over 200 screen savers coming this fall, available on-demand with zero ads.

It's all powered by a beautiful app experience which lets you get started right away with our best content, beautifully laid out in the Featured tab. New content is added regularly, so there are always new worlds, adventures, and stories to explore.

Experience real-life in real-time.

Some of our best screen savers are available in our highest quality level — 4K HDR. So, while you take in the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand, you get four times as many pixels as HD, resulting in sharper, crisper video.

HDR works harmoniously to deliver colours that are brighter, richer and truer to life. It's like you're right there in the moment.

Share feedback instantly.

As you find more of the beautiful screen savers you love, long press on the thumbnail and tap Suggest.

That way we’ll know that people love the gorgeous aerials and incredible ink experiments, and we'll tailor our future content to reflect what people love.