Watch and download screen savers

Find content to watch

You can view screen savers included with the RetailBox app in the This Week tab — which highlights the latest screen savers every week. You can also access specific collections in the Collections tab, or view the entire catalogue in the Search tab.


Format icons display in the top-left corner of screen savers across all tabs for screen savers which support 4K HDR. The format is also displayed in the Details section when viewing more information about a screen saver.

When you find something you like:

  1. Tap the screen saver card

  2. Tap the play button to stream immediately, or tap the add button in the top-right corner to download the screen saver. 

After downloads complete, you can play all downloaded content without downloading it again in the Library tab. While downloading takes longer, it prevents streaming video interruptions which may occur when you're using a weak Internet connection.

View playback information

You can view more information about screen savers by tapping the card to enter Quick Previews. Information such as the recording location, playback length and type, download size, and creator is displayed in the Details section of Quick Previews.

Some screen savers might not display all information, such as abstract screen savers, which do not display a location.

Once you have downloaded screen savers, you can view them in the Library tab, even when you are not connected to the Internet.


To delete a downloaded screen saver:


  1. Tap the screen saver to view more details

  2. Tap the tick icon which appears in the top right corner

  3. Tap Remove Download

The download for the screen saver will be removed from your device. You can still stream the screen saver instead, and you can download the screen saver again at any time. 

Updated November 24